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and related services

Nadine D'Aguiar handles all aspects of trademark prosecution, from searches to advising on trademark portfolio strategies, and representing clients in trademark opposition and expungement proceedings before the Canadian Trademarks Office.  We routinely prepare, file and prosecute trademark applications, and advise and assist with trademark assignments and licenses. 


Having handled over 500 trademark applications and official mark requests since the founding of the firm, we have experience in all aspects of trademark law.

With our extensive network of foreign associates, we can be your one-stop-shop for an international portfolio of marks.

Our Schedule of Fees for trademarks is available upon request. 


including copyright, industrial designs, trade secrets and patents

Nadine frequently assists clients in navigating the complexities of the various forms of intellectual property, including copyright, trade secrets, patents and industrial designs

This practice area includes: copyright registrations, assignments and licenses, industrial design searches, applications and registrations, and related practical, strategic advice.  


for academic hospitals and other healthcare organizations

A significant focus of Nadine's practice is in the healthcare sector, and she has extensive experience assisting academic hospitals, research institutes and other healthcare organizations in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to clinical research (i.e., involving humans) and non-clinical research.  Such agreements include clinical study agreements, collaboration agreements, research funding agreements, clinical research organization (CRO) agreements, material and data transfer agreements, option agreements, consulting and non-disclosure agreements, and Nadine has reviewed, drafted, revised and/or negotiated hundreds of these agreements. 

This area is highly specialized and frequently includes consideration of intellectual property rights, liability and indemnity obligations, privacy laws, regulatory requirements and  ethical issues related to research involving humans.


and related advice

The natural, and usually intended, consequence of scientific research is the creation of intellectual property.  Nadine assists her clients with the drafting and negotiation of various agreements pertaining to the commercialization and exploitation of intellectual property, including license agreements and commercialization agreements.

She frequently works closely with technology transfer managers at academic healthcare centres to provide practical advice and support in negotiating complex licensing arrangements.

In addition, Nadine is frequently called upon to draft, review and negotiate consulting and service agreements, software access agreements, software license agreements, and software-as-a-service agreements.


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